Episode: Series 1 Episode 1

Including - Dealing with Deposits


  • Tessa Shepperson and Ben Reeve Lewis in conversation
  • Feature: An Interview with Sam Madge-Wyld of Arden Chambers
  • News section - with Tessa Shepperson

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Series 1 Episode 1 – Dealing with Deposits

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Here are some notes and links to things referred to in the program:

Tenancy Deposits:

As you can probably tell, this was not the first conversation Ben and I recorded!  We selected it to be shown first as deposits can be such a big problem for landlords and the rules are often misunderstood.

Further information about tenancy deposit protection is available from the three schemes’ websites:

>> Click here to read a Landlord Law Blogpost about the Khuja and Choudhury case referred to by Tessa

>> Click here to read the Landlord Law Blog post about the landlord returning the deposit money in cash through the letter box with a police escort

>> Click here to read about the Charalambou v. Ng case referred to by Ben

For the benefit of legal pedants, note that strictly speaking a tenancy does not ‘run on’ as a periodic, the periodic tenancy is a new tenancy (called a statutory tenancy as it is there because s5 of the Housing Act 1988 says it is).  However colloquially it is common to refer to it as ‘running on’.

Sam Madge-Wyld

Sam is a barrister at Arden Chambers in London, who also does training work for our Easy Law Training company.  .

The two books Sam co-authors which were mentioned in the article are:

The blogs referred to are:

News Items

Items / websites referred to:

>> Click here to find out about the Update Course being taken by Sam



3 Responses to Series 1 Episode 1 – Dealing with Deposits

  1. Excellent and helpful. Shame Government are clearly trying to catch people out by, in many cases, not even giving a months notice on their changes in the law such as smoke detector/co alarm. New rent guidance notes for tenants etc. Most of us are not lawyers and struggle with Government’s sharp practice.

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