Episode: Series 1 Episode 2

Including - Repair Issues


  • Tessa Shepperson and Ben Reeve Lewis in conversation
  • Feature: An Interview with Rajeev Nayyar of Fixflo

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Series 1 Episode 2 – Repair issues

We are very grateful to Rajeev for his great interview on this episode – if you liked it please rate us and leave a comment below.


Here are some notes and links to things referred to in the program:

The Edwards v. Kumarasamy case can be found on BAILII >> here and there is a Landlord Law Blog post >> here

Tessa referred to the >> Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 section 11 sub section (1A)(b)(i)

Rajeev’s service is >> Fixflo and the infographic Rajeev refers to can be found >> here.

You will find links to the new section 21 regulations here but note that these will be looked at in a future episode.


2 Responses to Series 1 Episode 2 – Repair issues

  1. I think yet again this just underlines the stupidity of some Appeal Court judges, in that they should place the responsibility on landlords for something over which they have no direct control.

    Moreover, even if the landlord, who might live abroad, travelled every week on a Monday all the way to check the staircase outside his or her flat and then one of the stairs broke on a Tuesday and the tenant tripped on them, presumably under this idiot ruling the landlord would still be technically responsible.

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