Episode: Series 1 Episode 3

The Section 21 Special


  • Tessa Shepperson and Ben Reeve Lewis in conversation
  • With an arty bit in the middle

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Series 1 Episode 3 – The Section 21 Special

We don’t have a feature item for this extra long episode – just Tessa and Ben sitting on chairs talking about stuff.   With an arty thing in the middle.

Apologies by the way for the various traffic and drilling background noises in this episode.  Unfortunately they are a bit intrusive at times but hopefully this will not spoil the episode too much for you.  We also had to do a few wee amendments to the original episode – the regulations are so complex that even our experts slipped up a couple of times.  Which is why we have now put a few notices up on the screen.

In this episode, we are concentrating on the new laws coming into force on 1 October.  Here are the links:

The Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms regs

The Section 21 changes

Note – Tessa talks in the program about serving the How to Rent booklet by email.  This should only be done if the tenant agrees (and the agreement should be in writing so you can prove it).

Landlord Law Blog posts on the section 21 changes:

And finally



2 Responses to Series 1 Episode 3 – The Section 21 Special

  1. First viewing of LLTV, easy to understand & well presented for all landlords to take property letting seriously or not be in the letting business.

  2. Well done Tessa and Ben,

    Although interesting (if you like that sort of thing) little of it directly affected me as a Welsh landlord, however I fear our legislation will be even more complicated.

    Funny how we are expected to be professional and follow all the new regulations, yet we are about to lose our tax allowances. There is a housing crisis, yet we are not encouraged to be landlords and are regularly reviled by the media. All those hundreds of good and responsible landlords, providing safe and lovely homes for people to live in, never make the news of course.

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