Episode: Series 1 Episode 6

Including - Pets & lets


  • Tessa Shepperson and Ben Reeve Lewis in conversation
  • Feature: The Norwich City College course training course

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Series 1 Episode 6 – pets

In this episode Tessa and Ben discuss the vexed question of pets in rented properties.

For the feature we look at an innovative training course for agents at City College Norwich – with a discussion between Jan Hyet, the main driving force behind the course, and the course trainer Matthew Dimmock, followed by short interviews with four of the students on the course.

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On pets in rented properties:

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3 Responses to Series 1 Episode 6 – pets

  1. Very interesting article on pets in rented properties which has made me think about consumer law and how to approach varying types of issues with tenants.

    Enjoyed the article about Norwich City College course for estate agents, the teenagers interviewed have clearly demonstrated the quality of this venture as they spoke with such eloquence and enthusiasm.

  2. Very interesting liked the idea of increasing deposit. Also I have just completed a course that was run by ARLA for property Letting which h I found gave me a better insight to knowledge about this subject.

  3. @Janet and @Elizabeth thanks for your comments.

    The students were fabulous and it was really nice to be able to showcase the course which is the first of its kind ever. ARLA courses are great of course but this was aimed at young people.

    I’m sure that all 4 who featured on our program have no problems getting employment!

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